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YourRoom gives you access to experts to help you solve problems, develop ideas and move forward with different perspectives and insights.

Through a simple, secure chat interface, you can converse with a group of AI-powered experts and get advice on anything from house buying to rehearsing for a job interview or anything else.


We are beyond thrilled to announce that YourRoom has been awarded in TWO categories at this year's GlobalBizTechAwards!

🏆 Best AI Solution 🏆 Best AI Innovation

"The pace at which they are evolving is truly impressive, offering a ground-breaking app that simulates expert panels and focus groups. Its potential applications, especially within market research and project ideation, are vast. It's inspiring to see the bravery behind starting and succeeding with such an innovative product in conversation management."

- Judges comments


At YourRoom, we're committed to transforming access to expertise. We help you to collaborate and innovate by bringing the best experts in the business into the conversation at the touch of a button.

Unleash Virtual Expertise when you need it most

Our platform brings diverse skills and perspectives into your virtual room. With multiple viewpoints, AI-generated experts will tailor solutions to your challenges, from answering complex questions to providing deep insights and conducting user research. YourRoom opens doors to experts that money can’t buy.


Explore YourRoom, an innovative virtual space for professionals

Scenario and Role-Play

YourRoom helps users to understand or rehearse specific real-life situations. For example when running market research and user experience studies.

Playback and Review

Sessions can be recorded and played back for further analysis, allowing users to review and extract additional insights from the focus group discussions. Your previous conversations are ready to be revisited anytime.

Security and Privacy

Interactions and data are protected with top-tier security protocols, ensuring your information remains secure. Our secure framework includes rigorous safeguards like encryption and continuous security monitoring to enhance the overall security of your data.


Choose a plan that works for you


We envision a world where access to specialised knowledge is democratised. YourRoom is more than a platform; it's a catalyst for growth, learning, and support.

Meet the team

At Rocketmakers we’ve been building AI-powered solutions for nearly 10 years. Our culture as collaborative problem solvers is integral to what YourRoom is and how it works.


YourRoom creates space for diverse, interactive conversations so that you can learn, practice, and make informed decisions.

Market Research

Conduct thorough market research, accessing a range of virtual experts in consumer behaviour, market trends, and analysis.

Education Support

Leverage the platform for educational purposes, and invite virtual tutors and subject matter experts to help you learn and conduct research.

Business Strategy

Utilise YourRoom to conduct thorough market research, and access a range of virtual experts in consumer behaviour, market trends, and analysis to inform your strategy.

Creative Brainstorming

Engage with creative personas to brainstorm ideas for projects, campaigns, or problem-solving.

Personal Growth

Use YourRoom for personal development, seeking guidance from virtual life coaches, wellness experts, and motivational personas.

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Get in touch with our team to discuss what YourRoom can offer your company. We are happy to help!

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